3 in a row for Spain

1 07 2012

A 4-0 win against Italy has won the European Championship for holders Spain.

This makes them the first team ever to retain the trophy. Not content with setting 1 record the Spanish have set 3!!!

They retained are the first team to retain the trophy, first team to win the final of a major tournament 4-0 and to cap it all off they are the first team to pull off the treble of European Cup, World Cup and European Cup…quite the feat.

Well done to Spain for their various achievements tonight.
I still don’t like you system though 😛

Dear Barca

18 07 2011

Dear Barca,

I could write a lengthy, witty piece about how your attempts to unsettle and sign our club captain are not only insulting but are reaching a point where you are just starting to look like repetitive fools.

However I am not going to do any of that, there have been tens of thousands of words written about your sneaky underhand behaviour and the coverage is getting almost as tiresome as your attempts. Nothing I am going to write here would change things a jot.

However it has often been said that a picture paints a thousand words; as such I am going to hand things over to some Chinese Arsenal fans who have managed to capture my sentiments perfectly.

‘Barce pay £40m take Cesc away or go home to wank’


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