Ash Cloud Blues pt 2 – The Aftermath

26 04 2010

Having finally made it back home I have today made my somewhat less than triumphant return to work.

You would think that this would be pretty unremarkable, thousands of people do this everyday all over the world and certainly compared to the journey to and from home it is unremarkable.

But there is a problem; I opened my outlook account and there in front of me were 784 emails ?!?!? WTF I was only gone from work for 5 business days.

Then I realised what had happened, it only took me the first dozen or so emails to work it out…none of my co-workers did anything whilst I was away.

Now I don’t mean that there was work that was specifically mine and they didn’t do it, that would be fine. I mean they did nothing, nada, zilch, zip.

We have access to a shared inbox that all new work requests come through to, none had been taken since I had left the office, some had even been marked with a little flag saying “Tom”….Well I opened them and had a look and guess what there was NOTHING that required  my personal attention, every single last one of my co-workers could have dealt with all of the emails that were in there.

I guess in summary I only have one thing to say on the matter

My co-workers are all giant douche bags of the highest order

Ash Cloud Blues

25 04 2010

Well I finally made it back!

I was only supposed to be back home in London for 4 days but in the end it was 8.

My flight over on Saturday morning was cancelled early on in the debacle and so instead I had to throw myself on the vagaries of Bus Eireann’s Eurolines service; €58 secured my place on a coach that would leave Cork city at 4 PM Friday and see me arrive at Victoria coach station at 8.30 AM Saturday morning.

16 1/2 hours by coach and ferry what the fuck is this, the stone age? In a mere four hours more I could have flown from Dublin to Sydney and at least had my own guaranteed seat.

The bus (coach sounds too impressive) was driven by some miserable, old, gremlin like creature who seemed to think that heaters operating on full blast is what the passengers really needed; especially as I was crammed onto a two person bench seat with a serious contender for world’s fatest, sweatiest bastard, mmmmm.

After arriving at Victoria I foudn that due to a couple of jumpers the evening before there were a handful of line closures and as such my options for getting over to Liverpool street and then Walthamstow were slighlty limited.

I ended up getting up to Aldgate East in a rather convoluted fashion and then took a stroll through Brick Lane, Petticoat Lane and Spittal Fields Market and ended up at Liverpool Street and finally managed to go through to St Jame’s Street station on the overhead.

Was I ever pleased to be home, this wasn’t a fucking journey it was one of the labours of Heracles!

The return was a little smoother, my flight back on the Wednesday was gorunded so I managed to re-book for Friday evening, eventually making it back to Eire at an enjoyable 11.48pm, so only a mere 2 hours late.

I guess my main frustration with the whole travel fiasco is this; was there a problem and exactly what the fuck was it?

Seeing how quickly the decision was made to re-open air space I am left with two possible conclusions; either there was a serious risk from the ash cloud and the airlines pressured the aviation authorities into opening before they wanted to OR the risk was never really that serious and the CAA et al disrupted the arrangemens of hundred of thousands of people because they need to grow a pair.

Neither option pleases me that much!

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