The girl with the dragon tattoo – an interesting review

25 04 2010

Well it seems like today is destined to be one of those days with a lot of little posts and a lot of links but ho hum thats how things go sometimes!

I particularly enjoyed reading the millenium trilogy, sorry I will re-phrase that I devoured the millenium trilogy, they were excellent books.

I wrote my own review on the first two books some time ago and have been pondering whether or not to write a review on the third, it was whilst doing so that I read this very interesting review of the the first book in the trilogy; The girl with the dragon tattoo.

I should probably promote my own review but I must say that this particular view was realyl very good and gave me a completely different perspective on the book that I and I guess a lot of other people just couldnt ever have.

Check it out here, it’s worth the read

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