4 months old

4 07 2013


So at 4 months old our little girl has decided that she sits up now 🙂

2 months on

9 05 2013

2 months on


8 04 2013


7 weeks old

4 weeks old

4 04 2013

4 weeks old

Hello chums!

3 04 2013

So yeah you might have noticed I haven’t been around here much….1 post in 6 months, hardly going to set the World alight with that pace!

Guess it is cliche in the extreme but life kind of got in the way visitors from the UK and Germany have all demanded time as has a more permanent visitor. If you have still been bothering to come around here you might have seen my most recent post.

Yeah, she is kinda the “BIG” reason that I haven’t bothered myself with too much blogging. 

That will change though I promise….sort of.

Welcome little one

5 03 2013


Sophia Helene Webster  16/02/2013

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