A quick (but delicious) update

28 06 2010

A couple of months back I posted my recipe for pickling onions (or anything else you want to pickle) a few readers commented saying they were going to try them etc etc so this update is for these people more than anyone else!

God Damn they are good!!

I don’t often write things down I just kind of stash them in my head for later, as such anytime I do write down a recipe I tend to actually make it so as to be sure that I have committed it to paper correctly, as such 8 big jars of pickled shallots (no silver skins to be found) were squirreled away in order to facilitate my posting of the recipe.

I decided a little while ago to be cheeky and to try one even though to my mind it’s a little early.

Well I’m glad I did!

They were sweet, but sharp, lovely and crunchy and because I’m a chilihead deliciously devilishly hot.

Needless to say I soon found excuses to finish the whole jar, the rest are going to be treated as an experiment; I will open one jar a month for the next 7 months and see just how wonderful they end up 😀

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