Vatican moves to distance itself from Holocaust statements by the Pope’s own preacher

3 04 2010

Following on from the statements made in yesterday’s Good Friday sermon by the Pope’s personal preacher, the Vatican has very quickly moved to distance themselves from these statements and in particular to distance the Pope from them.

The preacher had stated that the accusations being made about clerical abuse are akin to the collective violence meted out to Jews during the Holocaust ( see here for more)

The Rev. Federico Lombardi, a Vatican spokesman, later contacted The Associated Press and said Cantalamessa wasn’t speaking as a Vatican official when he compared “attacks”‘ on the pope to “collective” violence against Jews.

Although the Vatican said Cantalamessa wasn’t speaking as an official of the Holy See, its official daily newspaper L’Osservatore Romano ran the text of the homily in full. (see story in full here)

Funny how this isn’t an official statement but the homily was printed up by the official newspaper for the Vatican, I might be off the mark here but surely that would be checked by someone and they wouldn’t print things that were in line with what the Vatican was stating.

Looks to me like some people are just backsliding away as fast as they can…

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