The Project pt. 2

2 08 2010

I mentioned in my last Wathammer based post that I had decided to collect Lizardmen and to use Ebay as my prime method of getting my hands on the scaly little buggers.

Well no sooner had I decided on this then I found myself in our local “premium” hobby centre located in Other Realms in Cork City.

Well I really can’t see what is premium about it, sure there is a permanent gaming table set up and a display case with a nice enough collection of minis in it but the stock is frankly rubbish.

There is less then two shelves dedicated to fantasy Warhammer and maybe 2/3 times as much for 40k but even what there was for 40k was all fairly standard, you certainly wouldnt be able to pick up anything interesting or out of the ordinary.

But anyhow I was there nonetheless and despite my promise to collect Lizardmen and to do it in a second hand fashion I ended up leaving the store with a pack of Empire Battle Wizards, saying nothing of the set of Citadel ink washes and a tub of flock.

Even though there is/was no way I was ever going to even consider playing Empire I do like the battle wizard models and thought that they would make nice accolytes for my Necromancer – pictures will be following I promise!!

So I knocked up my two wizards in short order and was fairly pleased with how they came out, problem was that at this point in time I was collecting a Lizardmen army and had precisely 0 by way of Lizardmen minis.

So paypal account in hand I set out to the online flea market that was Ebay and started buying.

Here is what I have so far for my little lizzies

1 x Slann Mage Priest (Old style with the temple guard bearers)
1 x Old Blood lord
1 x Skink Priest
32 x Saurus
80 x Skinks

So all in all not too bad as a start…or so I thought.

When the models turned up I was actually pretty damn pleased, they were all in good condition, in fact far better than I had expected them to be!

The only problem was that out of 80 Skinks there were 68 with short bows, the other 12 having blow pipes.

Now I didn’t realise straight away what this implied.

Skinks with short bows aren’t a legal army choice anymore unless you are running a Southlands army list which isn’t really what I had been planning on.

So now I have a choice, do I use them as proxies for skinsk with blow pipes or javelins, or do I start converting 60+ skinks to make it look like they have something legal in their hands?

I was thinking if I heated the bows a tiny little bit I might be able to straighten them out to something a bit more javelin like and add on a point with a little bit of green stuff cunningly applied.

Let me know what you think dear readers 😉

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