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3 05 2010

Those of you that have been paying attention will remember that a little while ago I decided to see if there was any real benefit in joining up to a paid to write site such as suite 101 or Associated Content.

Well I joined up with AC and published a selection of reviews, guides, informative pieces etc on there. I also made sure that the same articles were published to my blog  so that I could compare the number of views that I received for one vs the other.

When I looked at things a couple of weeks ago it wasn’t great but I decided to soldier on; I can now confirm that it is completely pointless, at least for me.

In total I have had 230 views on AC approximately, the figures for the latest day are estimates, the same articles on this very blog have had over 700 hits during the same space of time!

I just wonder how this can possibly be beneficial to me? I need 5x the number of views before I would get anything out of AC and then it would be a measly $1.50, that isn’t even enough for a can of coke.

Some people might think that this would work for them and it might, but you would have to be churning out articles at a rapid pace, plus there is nothing about using AC that would help you improve as a writer.

Sure your articles are looked at by a “reviewer” to ensure that they are suitable but this is only the 1st three articles that you submit, after that you can post what you like when you like. Also these reviews of your work that are carried out are nothing more than checking to make sure that you have bunged in as many keywords as it possible in order to assist with SEO.

I never once received a single useful comment as you would from an actual human editor, I even threw in a few deliberate spelling and grammar errors in order to see if I would be pulled up on this by anyone, not a chance.

To top it all off I received an email from AC yesterday stating that it was very important.

So of course I read it, turns out that due to some tax mumbo jumbo in the states they can now only make a pay out to foreign contributors if they are one of their “featured contributors”; however from what I can see this is like sitting on top of the dung heap, sure you are on top but you are still sitting in a pile of shit.

Personally I would have to say that this experiment of mine has been a failure and I would say that if you are looking to get your foot in the door as a writer this certainly isn’t the best way to go about it.

Get yourself a good blog going instead 😉

My paid writing experiment Part 2

6 04 2010

I’m now roughly a week or so into my little paid to write experiment with Associated Content and I thought I would give an update as to how I am progressing with it.

I now have 6 pieces of “content” uploaded and approved, this in itself was very tiem consuming; the first 3 items are all reviewed by an “editor” and it can take them up to 2 weeks in order to for them to complete this approval process.

Once the first 3 items have been approved it does speed up a bit as they then allow you to post articles without prior approval and they seem to be ok unless there are any complaints regarding them etc.

So far so good, however what of the real meat of the issue; am I getting views, will I get paid.

The 6 articles that I have published so far have attracted some views; a mighty 68 views to be precise.

This maybe doesn’t sound that bad but please remember that unless there are at least 1000 views on a particular article, I wont get paid and even if I do it will be $1.50 or £.80 as it will be for me.

If I compare those 6 articles performance on my blog during that time they have over 400 views between them. The worrying thing about this is that Associated Content syndicates out the articles that you write to various different news sites and article repositories; as such the chances of a search engine query hitting something from them are quite high.

In short I’m not quite convinced as of yet as to it’s usefulness, at least for me. For some people this might be exactly what they are looking for and they might have the time and inclination to churn out the 100’s of articles that you would probably need in order to start making any money from them.

But I’m not finished yet, I promised that I would keep this up for 2 months and that is exactly what I am going to do

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