Gamer Girl, Country Boy

12 06 2012

Just woke up to one of the kids peeing himself….yay!

Still every cloud has a silver lining, in this case it was catching up on a little bit of work that has been lingering like a bad smell.

Whilst slaving away I stuck Youtube on in the background and and saw the new song from the always adorable Felicia Day and Godhead lead singer Jason Charles Miller…. Gamer Girl, Country Boy.

 Now I will stick my neck out here and say I liked it.

Not only does Felicia look very cute in Lara Croft cosplay, but then when does she not look cute? But the girl can carry a tune.
The song is catchy and made me laugh, not bad for 6.30 on a Tuesday morning.

The thing I don’t quite get though is all the hate from 4Chan about this…apparently it would seem that Miss Day has destroyed gaming and spat on it’s still warm corpse.

One would wonder if maybe they should climb down from their ivory tower of internet superiority and join me in enjoying those Tetris tights ,)

Felicia Day nude

7 06 2012

Felicia Day Nude…. well if that isn’t nerd’s wet dream right there!!!

I was going through my inbox this morning and was confronted with an update for a blog I sometimes read. According to the title of the post they had exclusive pics of the oh sooooo lovely Felicia naked.

Now not that I am into that sort of stuff of course but being the brave, intrepid explorer of the internet that I am… I just had to check it out

So here it  Felicia Day in the all together

Yeah, I know more than a little bit of a let down huh??

Still if like me you are now feeling sad alone then maybe this fully clothed yet still awesome pic of the always alluring Miss Day will cheer you up.

Don’t even try and tell me that you wouldn’t ,)

Portrait of an Internet Troll

29 08 2011

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