Fun with bricks

30 04 2010

Have you ever  wondered what you can do with a random brick? Maybe even several bricks?

Like me you probably thought there were zero possibilities for enjoying bricks…Well you were wrong

That right, not 1, not 5 but 7!! awesome games that you can play with a brick!

A laugh a day keeps the doctor away :@)

2 04 2010

Today was reasonably mirthless, what with being in work on a bank holiday and all….

But then into my in-box dropped these two little gems which succeeded in cheering me up no end, enjoy!

Top 10 genetically modified organisms

I NEED one of those lizards, if there are any geneticists out there reading this I will pay mad paper for one of these!

Crazy Crazy Lego by Nathan Sawaya

If only there were some way to combine the two make crazy animals with lego components that I could just switch out… Sigh

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