How to lose your breakfast….

17 07 2011

I’m not sure I need any words for this…. really I’m not.


Dumbest Yahoo Answers questions ever

25 10 2010

I was trawling through the internet last night and came across some particularly stupid questions from Yahoo Answers (I know there are a ton to choose from!)


Here are a few of my favourites

A little light relief for a Tuesday morning

5 10 2010

I don’t think anything really needs to be said about this, a perfect combination of three of my favourite things; Queen, David Bowie and Muppets

Spring Cleaning

29 04 2010

Well it is very definitely spring and I have decided to do a little online spring cleaning.

I have decided to collate together my various different email addresses (a mighty 9?!?) into to one main address,, so from now on feel free to send all your fan mail, marriage proposals and pay-pal donations here.

I also decided that I don’t want to run two separate blogs; especially since this one is such a jumble of various different topics!

As such I am going to be taking my various beer related musings from there existing home at Bottoms Up and moving them all here where they can reside alongside paedophile priests, spicy food, cute ducklings and my online gaming tales of woe.

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