If it aint broken why fix it?…..Oh wait it is broken, oh well fuck it.

26 04 2010


Unfortunately you can’t hear the huge amount of sarcasm dripping from that otherwise happy outburst.

If you could you might be asking who pissed in my cornflakes today; well let me tell you who – Microsoft.

I have often moaned on and on to anyone that will listen (or who is unlucky enough to be in earshot) about the failings of Outlook 2007 when it comes to facilitating good  clean functional HTML design for emails.

I had up until hoped that the forthcoming Outlook 2010 would change this, I wasn’t expecting the world, merely that they would fix the things that were broken and make my life easier.

Well of course that hope has been dashed, completely and utterly. I was trawling the net this morning and came across this little article citing the ever reliable chaps at Campaign Monitor.

It seems that Microsoft are taking the “fuck you buddy” approach to fixing the issues in 2007, in short they aren’t.

Not only does this serious kill my buzz but it also acts as a case of middle finger up to the Email Standards Project and thousands of other frustrated designers worldwide.

The good news is though it won’t be any worse… well gee thanks for that!

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