Jamie’s 30 minute meals

20 10 2010

I rarely watch television these days but when I do I quite often find myself gravitating towards the cooking shows, sometimes the American shows like Iron Chef America or Chopped etc but more often than not I end up watching programmes with British or European cooks/chefs such as Nigella Lawson, The Hairy Bikers, Hugh Fearnley Whittingstall and of course Jamie Oliver.

I never use to have much time for Jamie Oliver a few years back, in my eyes he was a mockney who was playing up on a laddish image to gain popularity. I can’t have been the only one as nowadays we see a much calmer more down to Earth Jamie and what comes across more then the moped, the band and all the other extraneous garbage is that he really loves food.

It’s more than that though it comes across that not only does he care about and love food but he seems very genuine in his desire to improve the eating habits of all of us.

His new show and book fit into this ethos well; by focusing on meals that can be prepared and cooked in a short period of time he is showing people that no matter how busy your life might seem there is always time to eat properly and well.

I know he isn’t the first to go down this route and I’m sure that he won’t be the last but he does do it a lot better then some.

I was particularly taken with his recipe for a very quick, tasty and refreshing lemon pickle which he showed alongside a rogan josh and a carrot salad.

So here it is, if you want to find Jamie’s recipe for rogan josh and the carrot salad then click here

Jamie Oliver’s Lemon Pickle

• 1 lemon
• 2 teaspoons mustard seeds
• 1 level teaspoon turmeric
• ¼ of a fresh red chilli
• 1 small dried chilli

Cut the lemon into eighths, then deseed and finely slice.

Finely slice the red chilli quarter. Put a small pan on to a medium to high heat. Add a drizzle of olive oil to the pan

Add the mustard seeds, turmeric and the sliced chilli. Crumble int he dried chilli.

When everything starts to sizzle, add the sliced lemon and a pinch of salt, count to ten, then take off the heat and put in a bowl to cool.

*I personally liked this with a whole chilli as opposed to just the quarter*


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