Britain recognises Druids Yay :)

11 10 2010

Britain has officially recognised druidry as being an official religion for the first time, despite the fact that the ancient Celtic religion has been around for thousands of years.

The Charities Commission has granted the Druid Network, an organisation representing the religion in Britain,  full charitable status ensuring not only that people can make tax free donations but that Druidry is finally able to take it’s place alongside the more widely accepted “mainstream” religions.

In a statement made after the Charities Commission made their announcement The Druid Network said “This has been a long hard struggle, taking over five years to complete,”

In its ruling on the group’s application, the commission said it accepted that druidry was an “ancient pagan religion” in its own right involving the worship of nature, particularly the sun and the earth.

There had also been some official recognition already, it added, including a provision by Her Majesty’s Prison Service for the practice of druidry and the attendance of a pagan chaplain at services.

“The board members concluded that The Druid Network is established for exclusively charitable purposes for the advancement of religion for the public benefit,” the Charity Commission said.

Having initially emerged in Britain and Ireland Druidry eventually spread into mainland Europe in the Iron Age it continued  to propster until  being suppressed along with other pagan religions  by the rise of Christianity In Europe.

Like many older religions Druidry has continued in some form or another through to the modern day, Druidry has become  more popular in modern times as it  has a strong focus on ecology and because of it’s pantheistic approach.

There are currently somewhere in the region of 10, 000 practising Druids in the UK and with the recent ruling from the Charities Commission I wouldn’t be surprised to see this number grow.

Earth and nature based rel igions take you closer to the land and can help lift your spirit and bring you into harmony with your surroundings in a way that many more “mainstream” religions can’t.

If you are English, Irish, Scottish or Welsh then this is the true religion of your ancient ancestors and the religion that your lands gave birth to; you should check it out if only to feel a connection with your past.

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