Children raping children, stop the world I want to get off.

12 05 2010

I must admit to being fairly hard to shock these days, I’m not saying it’s a good thing in fact I wish it wasn’t the case, but somethings are so horrific and terrible that even someone as de-sensitised as I feels absolute physical revoltion on hearing of them.

I was looking through the home page of the BBC news when this particular headline came around on the cycle:

Girl, eight, ‘raped by two 10-year-old boys’ in London

What the fuck is wrong with the world that we live in.

The “alleged” attack took place  whilst the youngster was playing with her even younger sister and a group of friends near to her family home.

The two boys who were known to the girl took her to a nearby block of flats where they then raped her.

She was found with the boys by her mother after her younger sister returned home without her.

The two boys are both being tried at the Old Bailey with two counts of rape and two of attempted rape on a person under 13 years of age.

In order to better facilitate the needs of the defendants the judge is seating at a lower level where the clerk of the court would normally be seated and court is in session for a shorter amount of time each day.

Well excuse me for being inflammatory  but fuck the needs of the defendants. They in no way took into account the needs of the poor girl they brutalised.

If this is the world today you can keep it.

If you want to read the original BBC article click here

Paedophile Priests compared to Holocaust victims by the Vatican

3 04 2010

As part of a Good Friday sermon the Pope’s personal preacher, Rev. Raniero Cantalamessa, likened the  ” accusations against the pope and the church in the sex abuse scandal to “collective violence” suffered by the Jews.”  he then went onto say that a Jewish friend had said that the accusations reminded him of the more shameful elements of Anti-Semitism.

You can view the full story from AP here.

Now I don’t know how anyone else feels about this but personally I can’t help but think what the fuck are they on about, seriously.

How the fuck can you say that people accusing members of the clergy of sexual abuse and paedophilia is comparable with the imprisonment, torture and and genocide of over 6 million people.

For starters, these aren’t empty allegations; i they had all proven to be false they would have a point, it would be seriously stretching things but they would have a point, just. But they don’t.

The church and the Pope have been issuing apologies lef, right and centre for destroying the lives of thousands; all this sermon does is completely invalidate those apologies and make it look like the church is the victim.

Maybe if the Catholic Church didn’t want to be on the receiving end of these allegations they shouldn’t have covered up these abuse cases and should have done something about it at the time as opposed to brushing it under the carpet and hoping it would all go away.

Maybe there is something that I am missing here, maybe what we aren’t being told by the media is that each time a new allegation is made secret service police are bursting into churches, rounding up Priests an shipping them off to death camps…

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