BrewDog Abstrakt 06 – 11.5% Imperial Black IPA

9 05 2012

I mentioned a while back about the release of BrewDog Abstrakt 06, well I have finally gotten round to drinking one of my bottles and as such I can give you all my two pennies worth.

 So where to begin… well if you have read anything about Abstrakt then you will know that it is series of special edition, limited volume concept beers being brewed by BrewDog.

06 is oddly enough the sixth in the series… you see how that works.

 The price per bottle is a little steep – I paid €12.99, but don’t that put you off, you really do get what you pay for!

Nice black coloredbody with a reasonable creamy head. Good lacing which lasts  well through out.

There is a big aroma of pine, dark chocolate, orange and molasses.

Pine and lots of orange flavor combine with the plentful doses of chocolate and slightly floral kick. Nice citrusy aftertaste, sort of like sumac. A full body and well hidden alcohol make up the texture of this beer.

I know that this is billed as an Imperial Black IPA but if I were to try and pigeon hole this I would have to go with a very heavilly hopped Imperial Stout.

Good beer that is worth the money, can’t wait to see how these age.


BrewDog AB06 Goes Live

25 06 2011

Some of you might have been keeping pace with BrewDog’s Abstrakt range of beers, click here to find out more if you haven’t.

Well I have finally managed to get my hands on my first bottle of AB 06 and will be drinking it and reviewing it at the first available oppurtunity, until that time here is what the BrewDogs themsevles have to say about it.


“The latest version of our Abstrakt Series is now for sale.  You can get your paws on some here: and from the abstrakt website here 

 AB06 is a 11.5% Imperial Black IPA which has been triple dry hopped.  This beer is savage; boasting more bitterness and more hops than any BrewDog creation to date, combining loads of awesome malts and monumental amounts of our favourite hops.

 As always with Abstrakt, each bottle is individually numbered and very well suited to ageing. Drink one now and then age one for a couple of years and see how it develops. Cellar it up.”


real drinkers only need apply

10 09 2010

Are you feed up with beers that are a measly 5,7,9 hell even 11% well fret not!

If you have always had dreams of a delicious beer coupled with the ABV of neat spirits then Brewdog have just the thing for you…


Billed as being an IPA for the dedicated sink the bismarck is picking up where tactical nuclear penguin left off, it is the strongest beer in the world!

This behemoth of an IPA is clocking in at a mighty 41% ABV!!!

That is roughly 10x the strength of most regular IPA that you will come across! I was blown away by TNP when I tried it and that only came in at a miserly 32%. I fully envisage sink the bismarck to put into an alcohol induced coma of happiness!
Needless to say I have had to order some of this bad boy for me to sample, probably under medical supervision and well away from heavy machinery.

Here are the boys from Brewdog to amuse and educate you about their monsterous creation.

Sink the Bismarck! from BrewDog on Vimeo.

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