The Project pt.1

27 07 2010

I recently wrote about how my interest (obsession) with wargaming in general and Warhammer in particular had been rekindled as a result of a very thoughtful present from my girlfriend.

Things have progressed quite far from that point… some might say too far.

Basically I decided to myself that I was a fool for having not indulged my hobby over the years and that I should waste not a minute more in making up for lost time.

So it began…

I got straight onto the PC and fired up my trusty broswer and set sail for the Games Workshop home page. I was sickened by what I found.

Any of Games Workshop’s offerings have always made for a relatively expensive way to occupy your time but in my absence things have gone from the extreme to the ridiculous, after browsing the online aisles for a few minutes (more like 2 hours) O decided that if I wanted to continue to eat and live in a house with walls there was no way that I would be able to go the sparkly new route offered by GW no matter how enticing it might seem.

The two options left open to me were either to look at one of the alternative providers or to delve into the world of second hand miniatures.

Now as much as I like minis from other manufacturers, I am particularly fond of Reaper Miniatures, a lot of people that are wargaming these days, especially around here, like their games GW flavoured and a lot of these guys aren’t too keen on you rocking up with your minis that look completely different and that don’t fit neatly into the canon of the Warhammer world.

So my choices were down to one, second hand. Now as with most things second hand these days there is one huge gleaming mecca shining out into the wilderness….EBAY.

This posed a problem, all be it a minor one, I hadn’t touched the virtual crack that is Ebay for a number of years, whilst I never had a problem with it like some people do I did use to find it far too easy to end up living in a continual vortex of unwanted crap that was in a constant state of being bought and sold.

In the end it all got so time consuming that I instigated a self imposed ban on use of ebay. That aside I couldn’t really see any other reliable way of finding large numbers of decent second hand minis with which to fuel my obsession.

The next choice was what exactly do I wish to play/collect?
I still have a fairly sizeable collection of Dark Angels and Tau (2500 points of each) kicking around in a couple of boxes but I just don’t feel the love for 40k that I once did.

Fantasy it is then, but which army? I have never really been an avid fantasy player so haven’t got a pre-disposition towards any particular race so of course I took the very mature route of looking at the various miniatures that are around and picking the army that I most like the look of, probably not a terrible option but not one that is that well thought out either.

I settled on Lizardmen, I really like the Aztec like look of the models and the fluff that accompanies them is pretty dam good as well.

So there we have it Lizardmen it is, looks like it’s time to carry out the work of the Old Ones and clear these warm blooded fools off the face of the world 🙂

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