Odd one out

30 07 2012

Sign of the times

25 07 2012


I snapped this in Manhattan about 6 years ago.

Nothing special about the pic, I just really liked the way the Fallout Shelter sign seems to glow as if irradiated. Kind of ironic really.


18 07 2012

I’m starting to think I have an obession!


Buzzing around

18 07 2012

I saw this bee feeding and just had to get a pic

Glandore at night

18 07 2012

Quick snap I took at Glandore last time I was driving back from the pub. Sober I might add, I was playing taxi.Ā šŸ˜‰

New York City Igloo

18 07 2012


In February 2006 I was staying with some relatives in Brooklyn Heights, NYC.
We went to bed with relatively ok weather, cold but nice and dry. The next morning though was something else all togetherĀ  – there had been well over 18 inches of snow during the night andĀ for someone from London it was quite frankly magical.

The next day I took a walk into Manhattan and found this quite frankly crazy guy making himself an igloo out in the street in SoHo.


Leaning tower of Foxgloves

17 07 2012

Another oldie here. I was messing around in the garden just snapping away at random flowers…don’t I know how to live the high life!

Sit boy

17 07 2012


An even older pic here, apparently I took this in 2004 with a Kodak Easyshare….
What I do know was that this was up in the mountains just outside of Malaga in Spain.

Purple Eye

16 07 2012

Another of the pics from my old hard drive…. Glad I decided to check it before I just formatted it!


16 07 2012

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