John Terry Infographic

4 04 2013
sometimes a picture is worth 10,000 words

sometimes a picture is worth 10,000 words

Glozell Hot Pepper Challenge

4 04 2013

Long term readers (if any of you are left!) will be aware that I LOVE anything hot and spicy, in particular chillies and chilli sauces.

Well I also love watching people make fools of themselves.

This video combines both of these oh so important elements….

Apparently the lady in the video “Glozell” is some sort of Youtube celebrity/complete fool. Either way I laughed!

Ascend a friend…

24 07 2012


If you have read any of my gaming related posts you might be aware that I very excitedly ventured into playing Rift last year.

Well far from being the 2 minute wonder that I thought it would be I’m still there and going strong and more importantly so is the game.

So strongly in fact that the developers of Rift, Trion, made over $100 million last year. Not too shabby at all!

I have recently become very excited as the new expansion, Storm Legion is due this Autumn and is set to triple the size of the in game World. Triple!!!

So that I am nice and ready I have taken this opportunity to roll a couple of new characters. Gijuin, my rogue, is now up to level 21 and Ferren, my Dwarf Warrior is a lofty 32.

So all in all everything is well in hand.

In case you would like to share in the fun you can click here to take advantage of Rift’s “Ascend a Friend” program. Hope to see you in Telara real soon.

Purple Eye

16 07 2012

Another of the pics from my old hard drive…. Glad I decided to check it before I just formatted it!

John Terry to celebrate not guilty verdict during evening out with Anton Ferdinand’s girlfriend

13 07 2012

John Terry is planning to celebrate the not guilty verdict in his racial abuse trial and the reinstatement of his ‘good name’ by having sex with Anton Ferdinand’s girlfriend.

Terry left court victorious today and his spokesperson said he was looking forward to getting back to normal by having sex with someone he definitely shouldn’t be having sex with. “Mr Terry is delighted by today’s verdict, and his first call was to Mr Ferdinand’s girlfriend in the hope she would join him to ‘celebrate’.”
“Mr Ferdinand is currently in Hong Kong with his team, and so Mr Terry is keen to ensure all three of them put this behind them as soon as possible. Over cocktails.”

Terry Innocent

Chief Magistrate Howard Riddle said he had heard a great deal of evidence to show Mr Terry was a bit of a prick, but that right now this was insufficient to put him in prison.

In his judgement, he wrote, “Sure, putting John Terry in prison would make a lot of people very happy, but if being an risible human being was enough to get you prison time this country would be nothing more than a room with about four nurses.”

“So unfortunately he can go about his business being desperately unpleasant to pretty much everyone as long as he likes.”

Shamelessly stolen from

John Terry on Jeremy Kyle Show

12 07 2012

I laughed so much I just had to share with all you good, good people.

Shinji Kagawa and his pornstar squeeze

10 07 2012

New Manchester United signing Shinji Kagawa brings more than just his football skills to Old Trafford.

He also brings his Japanese pornstar girlfriend Ameri Ichinose.

Kagawa has been plying his trade in Europe for around two years now and it is during his time with Borussia Dortmund that he became involved with Ichinose who has also appeared under the names Ayaka Misora and Erika Kurisu.

I am sure that she will fit right in amongst the other WAGs in the players lounge. Maybe Coleen Rooney can give her some fashion tips. Like where to buy some clothes that cover more than 5% of your body:P

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