15 08 2012


That was the key thing which Robin Van Persie claimed that Arsenal were lacking when he issued his scathing statement earlier this Summer.
At the time I was left wondering how the signings of Giroud and Podolski showed a lack of ambition. Fast forward a few weeks and we have added Santi Cazorla to the squad.This one capture above all others is a sign of a club who know where they are going and want to get there asap.

Add to that the fact that we are in the driving seat for the signings of Nuri Sahin and Kevin Miralles and you are left wondering whether a certain Mr. Van Persie was being totally honest with us.

Well that was my view on things this morning.

As of now I officially say fuck you Robin and the horse you rode in on.

You claimed to love the club, you claimed to be a Gunner, you even claimed this wasn’t in anyway about money…Well mate you just proved yourself wrong didn’t you?

What sort of judas prick repays the club who stood by him throughout rape allegations and long term injury by signing for their biggest rival of the last 20 years.
The worst sort, that’s who.

You had the chance to become a legend like Thierry and bow out with your legacy intake. Well you made your choice, he’s a legend and you are just some guy who played for us once. Jog on.


15 08 2012

BitFenix Merc Alpha Gaming Case - Black

The sharp eyed amongst you might have noticed that I haven’t exactly been writing prolifically so far in August.
Well not here at least…

There have been several irons in the fire this month and they have all resulted in me being a busy little boy.

I guess one of the most exciting uses of my time has been actively throwing myself back into the realms of PC building.

I came to the shocking realisation at the end of July that my main gaming PC has sat as is without so much as some extra RAM since March 2009!!! How the hell did that happen?

Well I guess life happened, sure I have had plans to upgrade, there has just always been a but:

Old car needed a suspension rebuild…new car needed to be purchased…relationship breakup….moving house…..old house getting flooded….blah,blah,blah.

The laundry list of excuses continues.
Putting all of that to one side one glaring fact remains, you can’t play 2012 games using 2008 technology. At least not the way I want to play them.

So it was time to break out the mastercard and take the plunge.

I’m not really an impulse buyer so I tend to try and do a fair bit of research before parting with my hard earned cash. The way I see it I want something that will do the job I want out of the box, is relatively future proof and hopefully offers something by the way of a feasible upgrade path.

The last point is particularly important to me. Sure I could have crammed a faster, shinier Phenom II X4 into my ageing AM2+ motherboard but what would be the point?

At the very best it would be a short term fix that would give me a small increase in performance before I then needed to change everything all over again in 6 months time.

I will happily admit that during my research I was more than a little shocked at how much has changed in a few years.

I have shied away from Intel processors for over 10 years now. I followed the path of Athlon>Phenom>Phenom II without so much as a second thought to their little blue rivals.

Based on that  I was hell bent on rushing out and picking up one of the new bulldozer chips which AMD are currently peddling.

Until I tried one.  To say I was underwhelmed would be missing the mark by some order of magnitude. The 4100 which I tested at a friends house just didn’t seem to be that much of an improvement over what I was currently rocking.

To try and get a better handle on things I decided to scour the forums on Tom’s Hardware and a few other sites I trust and see what they had to say.

In short the 4100 sucks balls for gaming, nearly every other processor in the lineup beat it hands down.

In the end I decided to go to the dark side and buy Intel…as such I am now the relatively proud owner of a z68 motherboard from Gigabyte coupled to an I3 2120.

As for why I went for such a low ball processor…simples. I want to swap it out with an I7 Ivybridge asap, just didn’t have the cash for it right now and can’t see the point of picking up an I5 just to get rid of it next month.

Anywho here is the spec of my new budget gaming rig with lots of room for not so distant upgrades

Gigabyte Z68AP- D3
Intel i3 2120 3.3ghz
Asus Radeon HD 6770 1GB DDR5
8GB Ballistix Sport  DDR3
WD Caviar Black 500GB HDD
BitFenix Merc Alpha case


Cazorla is official

7 08 2012

In this case I think a picture paints a thousand words…



The capture of Santi Cazorla is one of the most impressive pieces of business which Arsenal have pulled off in a long, long, while.

Add this to the earlier acquisition of Podolski and Giroud and this summer it seems that everything is coming up roses.


3 08 2012

The title pretty much says it all!

After all the news in the past couple of weeks that a deal has been struck to bring Spanish international Santi Cazorla to the Emirates it seems that the day has finally arrived.

The tricky winger was absent from training with Malaga this week week amidst rumours that he had jetted into London for his medical with Arsenal.

Well it seems there was more meat to those rumours than is usually the case as it looks like the deal is done and that he is due to be unveiled later on today.

For those of you who think that Arsenal lack ambition I say take the blinkers off.

So far we have sold Vela and released Almunia…. in their place we have bought in Lukas Podolski, Olivier Giroud and Santi Cazorla.

Title here we come!

An update from Telara

2 08 2012

Last week I mentioned how I had decided to get myself in shape ready for the first expansion to hit Rift since it’s launch, Storm Legion.

Well so far, so good! I have tried to be a good boy and have pretty much focused on just two characters:

A Guardian warrior and a Defiant rogue.
I have to say this is my first rogue in Rift and I have to say they rock…seriously.

I have two main roles set for him at the moment; one is mostly specced as an assassin and the other is set up for ranged dps with a few points thrown in bard to spice things up a bit.

The assassin specced role just feels really, really sneaky and nasty – I love it!

Through some odd stroke of fortune both characters have ended up sitting at level 31 at the moment so all is looking well on track for the expansion launch.

The well-rounded nature of the classes, the stunning graphics and the more mature community in-game has just served to really remind me why I was so smitten with Rift first time around.

Long may it continue!

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