The Mario Balotelli Show

1 07 2012

I decided to wait a decent amount of time to let things sink in before I commented on Friday nights match.

As I mentioned to many people beforehand I really, really couldn’t see much of an outcome other than a German victory.

Well haven’t I got egg on my face now.

Germany didn’t manage to overcome their inability to beat Italy in competitive matches and really were second best on the night.

Other than the first 15 minutes when Germany really should have gone ahead they just didn’t find their feet.

They let Montolivo, De Rossi and Pirlo control the pace of the game in midfield and just looked disconnected.

One of the few positives for the losers on the night was the performance of Marco Reus, you can see straight away why Borussia Dortmund have splashed the cash to secure his signature. Shame the rest of the team didn’t include him as much as they should have.

I guess the standout performance for me, and most people for that matter, would have to be a certain disruptive youngster by the name of Mario Balotelli.

For anyone who has followed his antics in recent years this was the performance they have been waiting for.

So often he threatens to scale the heights of excellence only to see his own stupidity and lack of discipline send him tumbling back down.

His first goal came at exactly the right time for Italy and as for his second, well it was a bit of a peach wasn’t it.

Everyone loves seeing a wonderfully well placed shot which curls around and shows off the technical brilliance of the player who hit it. BUT and it is a big but, nothing for me ever really beats watching a striker really put their laces through it and just rocket one in.

Of course Balotelli wouldn’t be Balotteli without some element of idiocy so of course he had to pick up a yellow card for taking his shirt off whilst celebrating




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3 07 2012
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