1 07 2012

Well things have started to settle down a bit after the surprise events of last Thursday.

The flood waters have subsided, the cleanup has begun and in a lot of ways Clonakilty is back to normal.  A lot of shops have bounced back surprising quickly, there are more than a few premises with stacks of debris outside showing the red and green Clon flag and displaying signs saying flooded but still open.

There are however more than a few scars showing. The number of houses with piles of ruined furniture and personal belongings  sat outside on the side of the road is staggering. What is really saddening though is when you realise just how many of these families aren’t insured or have insurance which won’t cover them.

More than 125 cars have been destroyed and will have to be written off, in the majority of cases the payout received will fall far short of the cost of finding a safe, reliable, roadworthy replacement.
To give you an example, in the case of my mother she has been told she will be lucky to get €700 after the €250 excess has been taken into account.

Now whilst I am sure there are some bargains out there for a €700 car most vehicles in such a price bracket will be an absolute turd on wheels.

Moving away from Clonakilty itself and the more obvious costs of the flooding a lot of rural roads have been absolutely destroyed. We aren’t just talking damaged we are talking decimated.

These pictures are of the back road from Rossmore to the Clonakilty technology park which I use for work each day, it looks less like flood damage and more like the after effect of carpet bombing- apologies for the quality of the pics it was lashing down with rain so I took them from the car.

Fun hey? Let’s seem them fix this with a bucket of tar and a shovel!




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8 07 2012

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11 07 2012
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12 07 2012

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12 07 2012
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13 07 2012
Northridge Broken Springs

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