125th anniversary Arsenal kit unveiled

2 05 2011

I don’t normally let my love of football run over into any of my posts but this time I just couldn’t resist.

2011 is the 125th anniversary of the founding of my beloved Arsenal F.C. and to mark the occasion the club are releasing redesigned kits with a special rendition of the club crest.

Feast your eyes on the home kit below…

And here is a close up of that crest with a bit of blurb about the various elements of it…

Last but not least we have the image of the away kit from the guys over at Arsenalinsider

With more than a passing resemblance to the 1995 away kit I can honestly say I am not keen on sporting that particular number at coming matches…



3 responses

2 05 2011
Football Orphan

Home kit is really nice. Delighted to see them go back to wearing the red socks again. Never really understood why they changed to white in the first place. Quite like the away kit. I vaguely remember Arsenal believing that the 1995 kit you refer to as being unlucky. They never seemed to win in that kit.

2 05 2011
Tom Webster

The red socks are cracking aren’t they… I hope they stick to them in the future.

I just can’t bring myself to like the away kit but who knows I will probably warm to it at some point….can’t be worse than the current rhubarb and custard pinstripe!

12 07 2012
Arsenal “unveil” new away kit « A word in your shell like

[…] seeing as I posted pictures of said away kit back on the 2nd May (thanks Arsenal Insider) this has been about as well kept a secret as the colour of the […]

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