Louis Theroux: America’s Most Hated Family In Crisis

3 04 2011

America’s Most Hated Family In Crisis is a follow-up to his acclaimed 2007 documentary The Most Hated Family In America, and sees Theroux return to Topeka, Kansas for a second visit to the Westboro Baptist Church.

A fire-and-brimstone Christian group, made up of 80 members of the Phelps family, has garnered worldwide notoriety thanks to their funeral picketing of soldiers killed in action.

Believing they were killed as God’s punishment for America’s toleration of homosexuality, the family wield anti-gay placards while singing their own disturbing lyrics to Lady Gaga tunes.

In the four years since Theroux’s first documentary, a series of defections of family members has shaken up the church. They’ve also been at the centre of a landmark supreme court case (the court ruled that vicious anti-gay rhetoric was constitutionally protected) and their beliefs have become increasingly bizarre.

For Theroux the story has moved on, which is partly why he wanted to return. That and the fact he admits he’s “fascinated” by the Phelps family.

“It sounds really odd to say this but there are aspects of them that are quite nice, given how hateful they and the pickets are,” he says, adding he found his attitude towards them “modulated”.

“When you’re on the pickets you find yourself shocked and sometimes upset by what they’re doing, and then at other times you see them as normal people. The challenge is to try and manage your reaction,” he explains.

“I mean we’re human beings, they’re human beings, in some way you have to guard against demonising them too much, and against becoming desensitised by being around them.”

The documentary is being broadcast tonight at 9pm on BBC2 – make sure you tune in.



6 responses

3 04 2011

Just watched this – how outrageous was it?

Absolute fruit loops!

9 04 2011
Tom Webster

Mad as a box of frogs the lot of them.

I almost hope that secretly they are just trolling the world at large…at least then I wouldnt have to face the worrying fact that they believe this shite.

Nice ranting btw 😀

10 04 2011

Wonder what Lady G thought of the remixes they produced – obviously they have missed their calling, some very talented lyricists in that group!

And thanks matey =]

12 04 2011
Tom Webster

Yeah the Whorish Face remix is a cracker…

13 04 2011
see saw

—Theroux isn’t even getting old, he’s just getting stale.

Of course the Westboro should be kept thousands of yards
away from soldier’s funerals etc.. Beyond that, what can we say?

Theroux continually goes for the cheap, obvious and demoralizing
thrills —-while never, EVER turning a scrutinizing eye on his own
‘EUGENICS friendly’ establishment within the state propaganda arm
that is the BBC.

Whatever we think or ‘feel’ about the Phelpses —there’s NO denying
they’re self-created and genuinely believe what they say.

Unlike Theroux who was born to high profile ‘comfortable’ establishment
types in the suicide ‘model for the world’ Singapore.

FACT IS Theroux has yet to make even one of the unaccountable
powers that be (Rockefeller/Ford/Carnegie Foundations. Tavistock
Institute, Maurice Strong et at) squirm.

NOT a good sign for someone who styles himself a journalist.

EUGENICS and EUGENISTS ————are the issue!

17 04 2011
so so

Theroux, son of deeply embedded EUGENICS establishment types,
has spent his entire career at the state run and controlled BBC.

The Phelpses, such as they are, are self-made and apparently
genuine. Aside from keeping them well back from funeral proceedings,
what more can we say?

IF Theroux ever expects to get to the next level he’ll leave the BBC
and its sordid EUGENICS agendas, drop the one note Harry Potter
pose, and turn his cameras around on the ‘belief system’ of his own
‘hidden masters’ (Luciferian Social Darwinism, mass population extermination, ‘socialism’ destruction of the family and real culture worldwide).

NOT JOKING FOLKS. Louis’s working for them——————

Check out ALAN WATT “Cutting Through the Matrix’ online.

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