Burger King Pizza Burger WHY???

15 12 2010

So I was happily trawling through the net earlier on today when I came across this…

The Burger King Burger Pizza

This 2,500 calorie behemoth has been available at the BK’s “Whopper Bar” in Times Square, New York City since September.

According to BK officials the Pizza Burger is the answer to the age old dilemma of whether to grab a pizza or a burger in order to sate your hunger.

Now I realise I’m not representative of the populace at large but…. a.) I have never asked that question & b.) That monstrosity would never be the answer!

For those who aren’t puking in disgust at the thought of this let me give you a quick run down of what makes a pizza burger…

 9 1/2 inch bun

4 x flame broiled whopper patties

Pepperoni slices

Marinara sauce

Mozzarella cheese

Tuscan pesto sauce

 Burger King have said that they have no plans to roll this out to any other restaurants across their chain and that it is an homage to NYC, now I’ve been to New York on several occasions and never was I put in mind of a gigantic burger topped in mushy crap.

With the pizza burger following on the heels of the equally repulsive Enormous Omelet Burger and the Triple whopper I wonder if at this point Burger King’s entire R&D budget isn’t being blown on trying to create the grossest most fattening sandwiches known to man?






7 responses

15 12 2010

WOW.. I didn’t even know this was available. And who in there right mind would want to purchase it.

15 12 2010
Tom Webster

I like to think that no-one in their right mind could even contemplate it, let alone eat it, but I know full well that somewhere on youtube will be a video of some fool making themselves vomit trying to eat one solo.

19 12 2010

>Burger King have…no plans to roll this out to any other restaurants across their chain

Burger King Japan just began offering the Burger Pizza as a X-mas dinner:


19 12 2010
Tom Webster

I think I will be sticking with a more traditional Christmas dinner…

3 01 2011
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7 01 2011

They introduced it into Japan too, but its got some tasty competition there

7 01 2011
Tom Webster

Yeah it was supposed to be for Christmas of all things…. my personal fave from Japan is the tower cheeseburger http://tokyo5.wordpress.com/2010/06/01/tower-cheeseburger/

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