A quick word about beeswax

21 10 2010

I have received a couple of emails recently from people asking where to get beeswax pearls.

Beeswax is an important ingredient in my homemade tiger balm recipe amongst others and the pearls are a convenient way of both obtaining and using it.

You can buy the pearls from most craft shops and a lot of health food stores as well. If you can’t find the pearls or just don’t want to buy them (they can prove to be expensive in some places) then hope isn’t lost.

You can just as easily chop a candle into pieces,making sure it is actually a beeswax candle as most are paraffin now or even better get to know a local beekeeper.

Anyone that is keeping bees should have some beeswax, even if it is just in small quantities and a lot of people just see it as being a by-product of getting their hands on some delicious honey.

Hope this helps anyone that has been struggling to find the pearls or is put off by the cost.



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