Going straight

23 08 2010

About a month ago I made a life changing decision… I decided to go straight.

Some of you are probably questioning my sexuality or my criminal tendencies at this point but hold your horses I’m talking about something completely different.

I’m talking about wet shaving with a straight razor (can you see my wittiness now?)

As my avatar suggests I am usually a bearded gent, but it wasn’t always so. At various different times of my life I have sported a variety of facial hairstyles and indeed been clean shaven.A big part of the reason that I take a more piratical approach to shaving these days is that I have surprisingly sensitive skin.

I have always been surprised by this myself and frequently forget as my pain threshold is very high and most of my skin has an almost leather like quality to it but my delicate face lets me down.

This is in no way aided by having rather thick coarse stubble that these pesky safety razors just don’t seem to like cutting.

It is not uncommon for me to have to use two heads/blades and upwards of 5 complete passes of my face in order to achieve something approximating a smooth shave and by the time I have endured all of this I have so much razor burn that it looks like I washed myself with gravel.

I have tried all sorts of lotions potions and creams and they don’t help so until now it has been left well alone.

I fancied a change to my bear like visage and faced with the prospect of more razor burn decided to take the plunge.

Say hello to my little friend:

As stunning as it looks in the picture it really isn’t done any justice at all.

The lethally sharp steel in question is a13/16th rattler from P Ford of Sheffield and was made in 1924, the blade is of carbon steel and is in superb condition, the scales (handle) are the original horn ones and are exceptional. All of the credit for the work on this razor has to go to Neil Miller from Strop-shop.co.uk who has done a fantastic job of making sure that this razor is completely up to scratch.

Has it made a difference?   YES

The difference in the quality of the shave between this and the bastard prodigy of King Gillete is like night and day,  the straight literally glides across my face and the stubble practically melts from it’s path, what used to take 5 passes now takes 2 and the result is silky smooth.

There are one or two downsides to the straight though:

It is scary sharp, I literally own nothing that approaches the level of sharpness, not scalpels, not stanley knife blades, not the blades of my safety razors. We are talking sharp.

It isn’t cheap to buy a straight razor, but it is a one off cost. If I work out how much I would spend on throwaway heads for my safety razor I will make back the cost of the straight in 6 months.

You have to take care of a straight, it needs to be cleaned and stropped and occasionally honed, but hey its like any decent tool that you own. You take care of it, it takes care of you.

Worst day ever.

11 08 2010

I am sitting here in a state of total and utter shock.

Today is possibly the worst day ever, on a personal level at least.

It started normally enough, but then again day’s like this have a way of creeping up on you when you least expect it.

I had left my girlfriends and arrived at work as normal without any hassles what so ever, I would almost go so far as to say I hadn’t a care in the world. That all changed abruptly about an hour ago…

I had just taken a much needed break after having slaved away for 2.5 hours already and decided to check my email… big mistake.

My email and I have always been on fairly good terms, it doesn’t act as the harbinger of doom and I don’t pick up my tower case and boot it back to the stone age via an upstairs window, as you can see we had an arrangement, not anymore.

I was brought to my knees this morning on reading an email from a lady called Trisha, now I have never met Trisha or spoken to her before but she was writing to me from my bank in South Africa in relation to my account and I have no reason to disbelieve her.

It turns out that I have been rather remiss in keeping track of my finances, as a result my debit card with a balance of $1 million has expired and my funds have been frozen.

Well I was livid, I rely on this money hidden away on the other side of the world to keep me safe and secure in my old age or as a slush fund in case of a rainy day. How dare they freeze my funds just because my card has expired.

Luckily Trisha is an angel in disguise and had already looked into what I need to do to rectify the situation, she has sorted out all the paperwork I need to fill in to reactivate my account and can email it over to me directly, all I need to do is fill it out and send a copy of my passport and one hundred pounds to cover the admin fee. Boy was I ever relieved, the idea of losing this money literally had me breaking out in hives.

This was only the start of my bad day, It hadn’t occurred to me that it could worsen but it has, exponentially.

There was an email from my godmother, not that odd an occurrence, but normally she doesn’t call me dear friend so I figured straight away that something was up.

On reading the email I found out that something terrible has transpired and by terrible I mean dreadful.

My godparents and their four young children were the victims of a terrible ordeal, an ordeal that took place in the city that I dare to call home.

They were robbed at gun point in broad daylight. Some awful scumbag criminal types preyed on them because they were tourists, they threatened them with pistols and took all of their money, mobile phones and passports.

As if this wasn’t traumatic enough for them the hotel they are staying in has refused to let them leave without the bill being paid in full and the embassy is proving to be of no help to them at all.

Obviously I was really shaken up by this and wanted to help them in anyway I can so I followed the instructions in the email and wired them a couple of hundred euros to try and help them pay for food and accomodation etc.

All the time I was getting angrier and angrier about the scum that carried this out, obviously they are very clever and organised and must have followed the family for days in order to ascertain that they were tourists as their native London accents and intimate knowledge of the area must have nearly thrown them off on several occasions.

Getting more and more panicked about their safety I decided to call my godfathers parents who live in London to find out what the story was and also to find out why they hadn’t been able to do anything to help out their family.

Strangely not only is everyone ok but my godparents are safely at home in their huge mansion in Florida that they moved to about 5/6 years ago, obviously this set me thinking, how could they get home so soon? Had they received my money I sent etc…

Oh wait it was all a hoax…. I feel even worse now, how could this happen? There must have been some sort of mistake…. the internet wouldn’t let this happen would it? Surely no one would be sick and evil enough to use the power of the web for something other than good?

So here I am penniless, disillusioned and alone, still at least there is $1million dollars waiting for me in South Africa

Goosey Goosey Gander…

11 08 2010

A couple of weeks ago my geese moved house.

They weren’t aware that this was gonig to happen and at the time seemed rather put out by it all, but then I can’t blame them.

They were rudely awakened and put into a crate before they could bully their way out of the door of their house and then got to spend a fun filled car journey listening to the top 40 hit list interspersed with my ranting at the various at dodgy drivers I came across.

On getting back to my house I remembered that I hadn’t bothered to make them a new home in advance so then in the sweltering heat had to knock something together out of some breeze blocks and corrugated metal… mmmm attractive.

Mishaps aside though they have now been here a week and other than missing their normal quacky companions they have settled in well.

They are enjoying having the free reign of the garden and after a couple of days managed to find the hen house, this has been an immense source of glee for the geese as they now have something to herd around in front of them in their oh so bossy fashion.

They have also realised that the baby bath full of water is for them rather then some mysterious phantom baby that is tardy regarding bath time. They love it unfortunately it isn’t big enough for both of them at once but they have become very good at sharing and taking turns.

As soon as WordPress decides it likes me again I will make a point of uploading some of the many piccies and videos of our new residents.

Woodforde’s Admiral’s Reserve

9 08 2010

Before I chuck myself into my write up of this year’s GBBF (Great British Beer Festival) I thought I should really get round to publishing these reviews that have been kicking about on my notepad for a while now; so here is the first of them:

Admiral’s Reserve is a strong ale from the Woodforde’s brewery in Woodbastwick, Norfolk. Despite being a small brewery Woodforde’s have consistently produced exceptionally good beers and Admiral’s Reserve is no different.

When poured it has a tawny almost coppery colour with a very small, almost non-existent, fluffy head.

The aroma from the beer is fruity and sweet with a roasted malt undertone which stops it from being sickly or over powering.

Woodforde’s say that in both flavour and smell there are hints of sultanas, almond and sherry and they are bang on the money; however unlike a lot of beers with these particular flavours Admiral’s Reserve has none of the Christmas cake like overtones that you would expect.

The fruit is sweet but light, there are notes of caramel which add to the overall sweetness of the beer but there is also a rich roasted flavour that comes through from the malts (rye malt I believe) which balances things out nicely.

The mouthfeel of the beer is full bodied, malty and smooth with a nice bitter finish.

All in all a good beer and one that could be drunk often.


A quick update

9 08 2010

Well I have been away from things for about the last week or so as I had to make a quick trip home and was completely and utterly without internet for 6 whole days… a chilling experience.

Still it wasn’t all doom and gloom; whilst I was over I managed to pop along to the Great British Beer festival (henceforth known as the GBBF) at Earl’s Court, far more to follow on that shortly 🙂

The Project pt. 2

2 08 2010

I mentioned in my last Wathammer based post that I had decided to collect Lizardmen and to use Ebay as my prime method of getting my hands on the scaly little buggers.

Well no sooner had I decided on this then I found myself in our local “premium” hobby centre located in Other Realms in Cork City.

Well I really can’t see what is premium about it, sure there is a permanent gaming table set up and a display case with a nice enough collection of minis in it but the stock is frankly rubbish.

There is less then two shelves dedicated to fantasy Warhammer and maybe 2/3 times as much for 40k but even what there was for 40k was all fairly standard, you certainly wouldnt be able to pick up anything interesting or out of the ordinary.

But anyhow I was there nonetheless and despite my promise to collect Lizardmen and to do it in a second hand fashion I ended up leaving the store with a pack of Empire Battle Wizards, saying nothing of the set of Citadel ink washes and a tub of flock.

Even though there is/was no way I was ever going to even consider playing Empire I do like the battle wizard models and thought that they would make nice accolytes for my Necromancer – pictures will be following I promise!!

So I knocked up my two wizards in short order and was fairly pleased with how they came out, problem was that at this point in time I was collecting a Lizardmen army and had precisely 0 by way of Lizardmen minis.

So paypal account in hand I set out to the online flea market that was Ebay and started buying.

Here is what I have so far for my little lizzies

1 x Slann Mage Priest (Old style with the temple guard bearers)
1 x Old Blood lord
1 x Skink Priest
32 x Saurus
80 x Skinks

So all in all not too bad as a start…or so I thought.

When the models turned up I was actually pretty damn pleased, they were all in good condition, in fact far better than I had expected them to be!

The only problem was that out of 80 Skinks there were 68 with short bows, the other 12 having blow pipes.

Now I didn’t realise straight away what this implied.

Skinks with short bows aren’t a legal army choice anymore unless you are running a Southlands army list which isn’t really what I had been planning on.

So now I have a choice, do I use them as proxies for skinsk with blow pipes or javelins, or do I start converting 60+ skinks to make it look like they have something legal in their hands?

I was thinking if I heated the bows a tiny little bit I might be able to straighten them out to something a bit more javelin like and add on a point with a little bit of green stuff cunningly applied.

Let me know what you think dear readers 😉

Tweet Tweet mother funkers

2 08 2010

As you can probably guess this post is about twitter.

I was asked recently if I have twitter and indeed I do: https://twitter.com/TomWebster25

Not that I really use it that much but if you ever find that you are bored and can’t sleep than it might do the job 🙂

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