Summer Lightning

1 06 2010

It is quite possible that Summer Lightning has won more awards then any other beer on sale in the UK today.

These aren’t my words they are the words of the Hopbabk brewery who are responsible for creating this delightful summer ale.

I first came across Summer Lightning a number of years ago at the East Anglian beer festival in Bury St Edmunds and I will admit I was bowled over by it!

When poured the beer  has a golden almost straw like colour to it and whilst there is a head it is rather on the small side (about 1 finger), I know some people to have complained in the past that there isn’t that much of an aroma to the beer and in some ways they are right, if you compare this to a monster like Exmoor Beast for example then no there isn’t much of an aroma at all, however what aroma there is has pleasantly fruity citrus nose to it with a nice hint of  malty bitterness as well.

Summer Lightning has a crisp and refreshing mouth feel to it and it is a surprisingly good palate cleanser, I have known many people to say that it would be their ideal curry beer in that regards.

There is a refreshing bitterness to the beer and it has a pithy hoppy finish to it which is great, however the hops do not overwhelm the slightly nutty – biscuity taste that is present as a counterpoint. For such a light summer beer there is a surprising amount of body to it.

For me Summer Lightning takes the crisp, refreshing bitterness of a good pilsner but manages to pack in some of the complexity of flavour that you would expect in a far heavier ale.

For me Summer Lightning was and still is exactly what a good summer beer is all about, the added bonus is that they brew it all year and it is as enjoyable mid winter as it is midsummer.




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