Money for old rope

3 05 2010

I made 180  gold last night for doing nothing, well nearly nothing, so close to nothing that I should probably feel ashamed lol.

I happened to be on the auction house and was checking out some prices putting in some bids etc etc when I accidentally stumbled across some auctions for “Greenhills of Stranglethorn” and “Shredder operator manual” Pages. I have completed these quests so wouldn’t have given a moments thought to this other than one thing the price.

These pages drop like rain in their respective areas but they were listed for anywhere between 15g and 25g for buy it now!?!??! HAS THE WORLD GONE MAD!!!!

I thought I might have a couple floating around in my various bags so went to check, turned out that I had over 20 of these flimsy golden sheets, so of course I got in on the action, I listed all of the pages for 10g buy it now and then set out to farm a few more just in case.

Well to cut a long story short when I checked this morning 12 of the pages had sold netting me 120g (the other 60 was for  3 stacks of mageweave cloth).

Just goes to show one mans trash is another mans treasure, oh and that there are some people rich enough and lazy enough to buy anything!



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3 05 2010
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7 05 2010

I have to admit that I got lazy with LW and spent 100g on thick leather, but in all fairness it wasnt droppin, all i had was rugged leather or medium leather an nothing inbetween. So there are some non lazy reasons for buying stuff 😀

But I do love lazy people who dont like to grind as it means I still have 400g and rising while Im still in the 40’s, thanks to a dk alt that does nothing other than skinning and herbing 🙂

I also love upping my cooking at the moment as I can skin them after and as they drop clam meat I also get the occasional pear that sell wonderfully on the AH 😀

10 05 2010
Tom Webster

The pearls are a real bonus aren’t they!

I decided last night to swap out my alchemy for skinning, I was making a little bit of money off of alchemy but it meant that I wasn’t selling the herbs I was gathering so just thought nah time to switch:)

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