Spring continues unabated despite paedophile priests and MMO troubles

6 04 2010

Last week we had some new baby chicks born just in time for easter; in the end it was only 3 that managed to hatch, mostly as the hen that was brooding on them lost interest in the eggs once she had three little walking bundles of fluff to look after.

However my partner candled all of the eggs and found that at least one of them was still viable, so they got rushed into the house and placed into the incubator as quickly as possible. This morning there was a cheeping from the incubator and there was the arrival of rather a strange looking chick.

Rhubarb the Duckling

Except of course she has decided that my partner is her mother and refuses to be away from her and screams if she puts her down….ahh the joys of spring




4 responses

6 04 2010
Garden Pheenix

Oh she isn’t strange! She is perfection squared.

And to be fair on the hen, she didn’t abandon the eggs and cause their death, I think they were dead and I think she knew that. The three wee ones are running around like mad wee things with their Mum.

6 04 2010
Tom Webster

Well she would certainly be strange if she were a chicken!

6 04 2010
Garden Pheenix

She’s the ugly chick as opposed to the ugly duckling lol

6 04 2010
Tom Webster

Too true, except she is possibly even cuter than the chicks

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