Pallys… the new huntards???

26 03 2010

So here we are again, I finally managed to download the various patches of behemoth proportion and I have been able to login and create my character.

For anyone that read my previous post (all 2 of you :P) you will know that I was looking at a ret pally. Well I stuck to my guns and Curadane the Blood Elf Paladin was born.

I set off into the world and the first thing I noticed was that either the Blood Elf starting zone has been made easier than before or the pally has been elevated to some sort of demigod like level of power.

It isn’t just easy because it’s a starting zone or because I rock, (which I may well do!) It’s easy because the pally is ripping through everything like a mail armoured hot knfe through some particularly flimsy butter.

This is not normally a good sign.

My feeling of vague unease was confirmed when I put a shout out for a group in the Ghostlands to take down 2 x lvl 21 elites; other than one priest and the obligatory Blood Elf hunter with ghostclaw pet all the people that I encountered were Pallys.

Now this was at something silly like 8am GMT so it’s not as if there were stacks of people on and everyone else is just shy!

So now I am posed with a question; do I stick or twist, stay or go? Should I bother to take my pally any further ( he’s only lvl 17 at the moment) or do I roll again? At the moment I can’t decide, on one hand the pally is fun and is a new class for me, on the other hand do I really want to look like every other plate wearing sheep chucking out buffs like they are going out of fashion?




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26 03 2010

Here’s my take on it. I have a lvl 80 and pally (ok both 80 but undergeared, Im an altaholic) so I’ve levelled both.

I think the big question for you is what do you want to do when you eventually hit lvl 80? PVE,PVP? In respect of your pally do you think once you get to 80 will you stick with ret or look at holy or prot?

If you are purely a dps, smack it in their face kind of a guy then its a tough one. My hunter was my 1st char in wow and being new to the game I levelled quick but maybe not as quick as others. On my pally, I picked up 4 x boa pieces of gear and honest, I levelled so damn quick it was amazing and only once did someone try to gank me, I was lvl 59 in outlands and a lvl 63 lock tried it on. 5 seconds later he was dead and I lol’d in his face.

Yes there are a lot of pally’s out there but you do have a lot of versatility with them and I really did enjoy levelling her but only you can really answer it as it’s down to your play style and how much you are enjoying the paladin.

I read your other post and notice that you are leaning towards a prist. I have one @ 44 and one @ 27, they are tougher to level without doubt and certainly up to 20 its a struggle and really only kick ass at 40.

If it were me I’d stick with the pally as they do own and are enjoyable to level. You’ve done the hunter, been there, done that so do you want to do it again or try something new?

Good luck with your decision.

26 03 2010
Tom Webster

Thanks for the insight, my plan was to go ret until around 60 maybe 65 and then most likely switch to protection, mainly as I a lot of my MMO playing has been as a tank and it’s a class I know well, if that was the case I was going to look at rolling a lock as a bit of light relief, I’m thinking about sticking it out with the Pally until 40 and seeing how things going, I’m kinda hoping that I will still get some decent end game raiding with a prot pally, especially if I play it well (here’s hoping!)

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