Gaming without boundaries

26 03 2010

As I will keep waffling on I have recently come back to playing WOW after a break of near enough two years, the reasons behind this are manifold and have been regurgitated by me until the cows come home, so I won’t bore you all again!

However one of the big things that drew me back was that some friends of ours in the US were keen to get us to join their guild and game with them. Well of course we thought this would be neat and so of course got the ball rolling, but there is a problem.

It’ s a problem that has been around since the World (of warcraft) was formed.

Localized accounts, servers and game clients. To cut a very long description of the issue short if you set up your account in Europe, with an European CD key and an European address you can’t play on US servers and visa versa.

Now obviously this isn’t a huge problem as not everyone wishes to do this but for people who ( like a rather disgruntled me) it’s a little bit annoying, see I’m not asking for a mountain of gold or diamonds equal to my body mass (but if you wish to send them let me know) I’m  just asking for a simple way to play a video game with my friends.

This wouldn’t be a revolutionary idea, Ever Quest 1 supported this when WOW was still a twinkle in Blizzard’s collective corporate eyes, I remember back to the days of the WOW beta and that the question was asked at the time as to whether or not this would this would be put in place and apparently it was being considered, unfortunately it seems this  is as far as it got.

Not a big thing but still in 2010 it seems a tad lame 😦



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