25 03 2010

Well far be it from me to complain but the size of the patches I need to bring me up to speed with WOW are just ridiculous, I am sure it will all be worth it but 7 gigs of patches!!!

But anyway I digress, my big challenge at the moment is what class to play, I used to have two main toons that I ran with, a Prot Warrior and a Hunter (before Hunters were cool I might add)

Now I am thinking I will mix things up a little, it looks increasingly like it is going to be a ret pally, anyways we will see how that goes and I will keep you all posted, whether you want me to or not!



4 responses

25 03 2010
Garden Pheenix

What the hell is a ret pally?

25 03 2010
Garden Pheenix

Also: I getting frustrated waiting to WoW! lol

25 03 2010

Don’t do a Ret pally. There are too many paladins. Do an awesome class like an Enh Shaman.

26 03 2010
Tom Webster

Well, I took the Ret Pally out for a spin and damn if there aren’t thousands of the buggers running around! I’m trying to decide whether or not to drop him or just keep on keeping on and try to be the best damn pally I can be.

Although at the moment the lure of a priest is mighty strong…

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